Exploring Sydney’s old explosives storage

Back in the days when Sydney was young, they needed to find a place to store their explosives away from the population. So it was decided that a remote bay (at the time) would be the place.

They constructed a series of warehouses that were set into alcoves cut from the sandstone hills around the bay. The warehouses were built with thick walls and light tin roofs. The idea was that if one exploded, it would blow upward and since they where all recessed into the hills the damage would be minimal.

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More bunkers of Middle Head

I recently headed back out to Middle Head bunkers. It’s had a lot of work done on it recently. Cleaning up the site and excavating ruins of the older fortifications. But that’s another story which I will do soon. I love this place 🙂

On this trip I wanted to check out a bunker I spotted on Google Earth. This is what I found.

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Fort Banks, Botany Bay

Fort Banks is a large coastal fortification setup to defend Botany Bay. It existed pre-WW2 but received an upgrade of two 9.2 inch guns around this time. The fort these days is slowly being buried by the drifting dunes and plant life. Indeed finding entrances to it now involves crawing through bushes and contortions to get in. But once inside you’ll find a large underground complex to explore. The photos below come from two visits to the site and I think there is even more to find.

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