Henry Head Battery

I revisited Botany Bay to check out Henry Head Battery.

There is a lot to see here. The first structure we found sat on top of the heads looking down at the sea. It is a large bunker.

Further along and back from the heads, this great bunker sits. Some big guns sat in this installation. Today they are all gone and the rood is sealed creating a nice alcove that locals use as a fire pit.

While exploring this bunker, I found this hole to a lower level. I could not find a way down so I set the timer on my camera and lowered it down on its straps to grab this shot.

But I just had to find the entrance. After about ten minutes of exploration I spotted this hole under a bush. Underneath are stairs that led to the entrance which was sealed. But right next to it was a gap that my skinny friends could slide through. As for me, I left to go find another way in.

The photos below where taken by my fellow explorers. Thats me behind the gate. I did finally get in by lowering my self down a gun emplacement that you can see below. It was easy to get in but I needed help getting out. Its sloping sides making it kind of a man trap.

We explored the complex. The last image you see above is the bottom of the hole I lowered my camera down.

Once we finished exploring we headed up the hill to a lookout I spotted. This turned out to be a large three story building with an amazing view.

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