Juno Head Bunker

This area was part of the defense network of the Hawkesbury River, NSW during WW2. It’s a small site that saw no action. It was a back up of the West Head bunkers that are further down river toward the ocean.

The gun emplacement on top of the head.

Unfortunately there’s not much left to be seen at this site. I had hoped since the area is only accessible by boat that it would be better preserved. But it’s in a real sorry state.

Looking down at the second gun emplacement.

The area consists of two gun mountings, an accommodation hut and a bunker.

The old hut (below) which I suspect was for accommodation has been completely destroyed by neglect.

I wanted to get closer, but stupidly wore shorts and sneakers. Not the type of gear to be walking through scrub. That’s how you get bit by snakes.

The main, larger bunker was much easier to find and sits just off the side of the walking track.

I’m really not sure what happened with the main bunker. Its now strewn with abandoned kitchen benches and toilet parts. All the windows are broken and it’s a mess.

Getting to this area is not easy. It’s only accessible by boat. There is a ferry from Brooklyn or you can hire a boat or water taxi. The walk is really nice, if you get to the public wharf at Wobby and walk. You get to follow a very unique trail that will take you through the little village of houses along the headland.

The walk all up is about 6kms and it’s really easy on an sealed asphalt path. But that said, I was disappointed and the amount of effort to get there was not worth it just for the bunker.

But there are a few really nice and private beaches along the walk if you want to have a swim.