More bunkers of Middle Head

I recently headed back out to Middle Head bunkers. It’s had a lot of work done on it recently. Cleaning up the site and excavating ruins of the older fortifications. But that’s another story which I will do soon. I love this place 🙂

On this trip I wanted to check out a bunker I spotted on Google Earth. This is what I found.

There really wasn’t much to see in here except rubbish and heap of used condoms (seriously who takes a date to bunker?) So we headed up top to see the tower. Unfortunately it was well sealed with brick and steel.

So we decided to wander off and see what else we could see. I saw a lizard. This is almost as good as that time I saw a crab.


We headed further along the head to check out an old bunker that is usually sealed.


Its a great one if you can get in. Unfortunately its closed off due to Asbestos. We couldn’t get in but we noticed that the area around it had been cleaned up and a whole bunch of new bunkers had been exposed.

Big heavy iron gates bar all entrances.

There is a lot of underground area here. But unfortunately its completely sealed.

There was a small room at the bottom of these stairs. I managed to stick my camera between the bars and snap this shot.



Remarkably well preserved. I would love to see what’s behind that door.

In the shot above you can see the old door to the ammo storage room. It’s a massive iron sliding door that was countered by a large iron weight. You can see it dangling from its last cable. Tagged in white by some douchebag.

There is an underwater entrance to this complex. Check out that link for pictures!



The shot below is from the asbestos riddled bunker we could not get into via one it’s gun ports.



Unfortunately a huge storm hit and I had to cut my visit short. There has been a lot of changes to this site. I will document them all soon!


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