Return to Callan Park to visit the secret tunnels

Today I had one of my exploration dreams come true. Access to the underground tunnels of Callan Park. The site of Australia’s only Kirkbride building and until recently a massive insane asylum.

The site is an Arts University now and through a friend a tour of the tunnels was arranged.


We started off with this. A face in the glass. Nothing spooky, this is now an arts university.


The clock tower up close! As I mentioned in my previous adventure, this is also a water gauge for the underground water storage. Unfortunately we didn’t get to this today. But that I hope will be an adventure in the future.


Then we’re off.


This place is a rabbit warren. Corridors off everywhere, little did I know the underground would be much worse.



And down we go.


This wall writing was done in chalk. Nothing special I could see, just numbers. Probably co-ordinates to treasure.


Down underground the rabbit warren turns into a labyrinth. Corridors to dead ends, little doors to massive rooms, twists and turns. So easy to get lost.



Chairs. There are chairs everywhere. Nooks and crannies. This is an excellent place to play hide and seek.




The underground cells. All have their doors removed these days.

Most of the corridors are like this. these massive sandstone arches are everywhere along with more twists and turns.

Why is everyone looking at the one spot? There was a lot of glittery crystals/water and this in turn made some very pretty shots. Unfortunately I am not that good at capturing them so I failed to get any decent shots.

Some smarty put fake spiders around the place. Well I hope they are fake.



And this is just plain WEIRD. That is meant to be a light fixture.


More strange glittery stuff hanging from the ceiling.

Thats it! Big thanks to my friend for letting us in. This is a great site and I hope to do more underground adventures there.

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