Shelly Head Command Post Bunkers

These bunkers are located near Manly here in Sydney. While called the “Shelly Head Bunkers” they are actually no where near Shelly Beach.

You’ll find these bunkers located on the walking track from Shelly Beach but closer to the forts up on North Head. This is on a busy walking track so unfortunately they are locked up and not much fun can be had exploring.


First thing I did was head around the escarpment next to Shelly Beach looking for the bunkers. I found a few old markings, some structure but no bunkers.

I decided to head up hill back toward the forts of North Head.


Junk & Stuff. A good sign I was on the right path. Finally, I spotted it.


Entrance to the first gun pit.

There are two gun pits. But no tunnels.

Further up the track I finally found them.

These are right next to a busy path so people come through frequently.


The entrance to funland. Sealed up. It looks like some people have have gained access as the wire is cut and the board blocking the shaft is made of wood. But I had no tools. Below is another sealed off room.

Pretty disappointing. So I decided to do a big of bush bashing to see what else is around. I was lucky enough to stumble on an old half burried gun pit.

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