Visit to the old Gladesville / Tarban Creek Mental Asylum

On the weekend I went for a walk with some friends to check out an old semi-abandoned mental asylum near Sydney. Unfortunately the main bulk of the Asylum was demolished for apartments, but there is still some stuff to see in this now complex. I remember seeing the old mental asylum as a child playing ruby for a near by horrible boarding school. I remember patients wandering around the fences in hand cuffs. It looked like a miserable place and I can’t say I mourn its loss. Thankfully, the older areas still exist.


This is where I started. Just off the car park. This is behind the main building. It’s empty except for the construction equipment inside. It’s sad to see an abandoned building going, but this is truely a great thing to have this building restored. We don’t have much history in Australia so we need to keep it all!


Example of the convict cut stonework.

The building above was hollowed and well sealed. No roof, but we found a way underneath.



Da fug? Yup,giant big hands. I think they used them to treat people with Chirophobia.






The wall that surrounds the place. And below, the front of the building facing into the bay.

The complex is surrounded by bush. So we found a track and followed it.

Only to discover this hidden, secluded beach. Apparently it was where the patients used to bathe as fresh water was hard to supply.

This little beach was seriously pretty with shade, no noise and clear water. I’ll probably go back for a swim 🙂


Finally we found what we came to see. A public toilet. Across from the toilet is another abandoned structure which I must admit is pretty and would be been nice to see in its prime.

Behind the building I spotted this alcove.

Unfortunately, nothing. It was just some sort of shed. Next to it is what I assume is an abandoned green house.

That’s pretty much all there is. The following are other buildings on the site that have been refurbished are in use or being rebuilt.

The images below show the old under-street crossing to the actual asylum of Tarban creek. Unfortunately it’s all gone now and it only goes into a car park now.



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