What happened to Sydney’s old tram tunnels?

Ok this is a short post. I have been parking here for years and it’s only recently that I have realised that no one else really knows about this place and how cool it is.

So what are we looking at here? Well, Sydney is literally riddled with old abandoned train and tram tunnels for lines that were never constructed or disused. We have already visited the spectacular abandoned tunnels of St James station so I thought I would share another place where the tunnels are actually in use.

It is actually a Wilsons car park next to Wynard station and under the Menzies Hotel. This parking garage is a set of disused tram tunnels that have been convert into parking. Originally these tunnels were used for allowing commuters to jump off the tram to a train.

The entrance is off Wynard lane and the exit comes out right near the south side of the Sydney Harbour bridge. Here are some snaps I grabbed.

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