ZGeek Memorial 2000 – 2015

ZGeek was an online community setup in the early days of the internet. It was termed an E/N site… everything and nothing…

Setup in the year 2000, we ran a forum, organised meet ups, held LAN parties and social media’d and meme’d before these even had those terms applied to them.

So many photos! The good olde Tintin has been nice enough to share a metric-f**kload of ZGeek pictures from back in the day. Check them out here.

Just how old was ZGeek? So old that pornhub didn’t exist so the the Spindle of Porn was created. I’m going to burn this now. Considering what it’s been through. RIP Porn (I will one day I swear).

Hmmm boobies.



And this guy. #hailtotheking

Some of the ads we had during the years.

That time we took on and owned those idiots who tried to sue us for defamation? We also ran a comp to take the piss out of conspiracy nuts.

Then there was our LAN parties. Before the internet had broadband this was the only way to play massive multiplayer games.

Helllo Andy. Thanks for the lols dude.

Then the time we all moved into a house together. It lasted six months before we were evicted. I guess it was due to about 16 people living there.

The final post for Dept of Phwoar.

So just how OLD was ZGeek?

Pictures from our very first LAN held in a theater lighting factory. Check out those old CRT monitors.

I’d just like to say thank you to all members of ZGeek who made it so much fun to run and be part of. It really is something that will never again be experienced today on the internet.

Also, Vogue Forums still suck.