Was a Mayan Temple found in Australia?

Short answer, no. But many years ago a wonderful building was located in Pyrmont here in Sydney. The building was designed by the great Walter Burley Griffin. You may know him as the guy who designed the capital city of Australia. The building in this case was an incinerator. Built to handle some of the waste of the growing city of Sydney. It lasted from the 1930s to 1992 when it was demolished by Meriton to build another throw away apartment block. Such a sad ending. They even destroyed the artwork that made this building so unique.

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The crashed spaceship of Coober Pedy

In 2000 a film called Pitch Black was filmed here in Australia. It was filmed near the remote outback town of Coober Pedy. A town well known for amazing opals and it’s underground town. The space ship is the set used for the external shots of the crashed transporter. After filming wrapped up it was left for locals to claim and today sits in the yard of the Opal Cave Shop in Coober Pedy gathering dust. Continue reading The crashed spaceship of Coober Pedy