The Botany Bay Engine House

This structure is located just outside Sydney’s main airport. It was built in 1837 and was Sydney’s first engineered water supply built after the main bore well ran out.

The area around the pump house is quiet pretty at certain times of the year. When it’s green, its just nice as the images below show. But recently the area has suffered the dying off of the plants and so it has become a little “stinky”. The images below show what its like in it’s glory. This was actually my first trip there, I could not find a way into the ruin so I spent my time walking around taking these shots.

On my second trip, I found a new hole in the fence and was able to get into the ruin for these shots. What I found was amazing. Deep dark trenches, large pools hidden by the ruined walls. Utterly awesome.

Its hard to tell what fits where with the older photos of this site. It’s now so overgrown. But the future of this site is good. It is heritage listed and it does look like the site is being looked after as the bushes are being slowly cleared.

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