I found a little bunker down by the sea

I’ve been wanting to checkout Watsons bay which is another headland of Sydney harbour to see if there were more bunkers to be found.

My adventures have so far taken me to the North and Middle Heads. I didn’t have much hope of finding anything, as it’s a pretty popular area with a functioning naval base. But I still wanted to go have a look.

We finally got some sunshine, so I grabbed the camera and hit the road.

Once I was there, I parked The Mighty Falconâ„¢ and wandered down the path. This area is really pretty and a  popular tourist destination in one of Sydney’s ritziest neighborhood. You’ll need a few million just for a deposit on a house around there. So everything is nice and well looked after. Not good signs for bunker hunting.

Looking across the beach at the path around the naval base.


It’s a buoy!



The first thing I found was a really old cannon installation with cut-outs like this on either side.

How could you shoot such a pretty city??

On I walked, along the perfectly manicured path to find this old cottage closed up. Not a single graffiti tag on it. Also, I found there is a nudie beach on the path. So be warned.

Finally while checking out the gun emplacement above, I spotted this!

It looks like this little guy gets pounded in rough weather.

I walked as far as I could around the base of the head looking for more stuff. But alas, nothing more was found. It looks like progress has claimed all that was once there or it’s all in the naval base. So I wandered up to the light house took a few shots then buggered off home.


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